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  • God bless Alex Hirsch for not dumbing down Gravity Falls despite it being a “kids’ show”
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for not spelling out his mysteries to pander to the lowest common denominator
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for trusting his viewership to be thoughtful and observant with the clues they’re given
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for making me more excited about a show than I’ve been in years

Analysis: Bill Cipher and godhood.



This is another attempt to figure out this character of Bill, this time through a symbolic/literary lens. Please note this was merely meant as an exercise for myself, that all of this is analysis but I may be completely wrong in the end and I fully acknowledge this. It’s simply an exploration of character. Please feel free to refute, argue, or support any of these claims. That being said, let’s delve right into this.

In terms of classification on the surface level, Bill is a demon, through and through. He’s got the trademark deal-making trope, he is associated with fire, he is incredibly manipulative, and he seems to know something we do not, always just out of reach.

However, one of his defining characteristics is his self-proclaimed omniscience, which is not a factor attributed to traditional demons, quite the opposite in fact: "The devil is not, nor can he be omniscient. If he were omniscient, he would be God" (source). “That is the concept that Satan cannot know our thoughts and heart in contrast to God who knows all” (source).

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This is really thoughtful and interesting, and I agree with pretty much all of it! I’ve been trying to emphasize for a while how much “demon” is not an accurate classification for Bill. He has traits of one, sure, but he has just as many traits of a holy being. His demon-like elements are obviously being a trickster, making deals, and the fact he’s able to summoned. I don’t count his association with fire because of something the show itself pointed out: in Irrational Treasure, Dipper mentions “The triangle is the alchemist symbol for flame,” so Bill being a fire elemental is a reference to alchemy rather than “hellfire” - emphasized by the fact his flames are usually blue, not red (except for when he gets mad). But then he’s also exceptionally God-like, by being an entity that knows all, sees all, glows brightly and is associated with light, watches over humanity, does not exist in the physical world, and not to mention is based on the Eye of Providence aka the Eye of God.

So while he’s similar to both a demon and a god in many ways I don’t believe he’s either one. He probably doesn’t come from Hell but I doubt he comes from anywhere like Heaven either. His origins are most likely something else entirely, and we’ll have to wait to learn exactly what they are, though considering Alex’s confirmation that Bill has been to over 3,000 different dimensions I wouldn’t be surprised if they relate to another universe. For now though I think it’s safe enough to say Bill is a chaotic, freely acting and self-serving being under the command of no one else, working towards his own goals, and who can’t be properly identified as anything other than himself.

If it’s okay with you guys, I’ll put in my two cents; You’re really close to the answer! 

I want to share something in this analytical dream book I have. But first, a quick info dump!

Carl Gustav Jung (Freud’s once colleague turned worst rival) came up with this theory that whatever you see in your dreams has this set pattern that you can use and base on to analyse your dream. He called them ‘Archetypes’. Nine of the most important archetypes were referred to Jung as ‘Dominants’ and they were; The Wise Old Man, The Trickster, The Hero, The Persona, The Shadow (yes, if you play SMT’s Persona series or KH then here’s where it comes from), the Divine Child, The Great Mother, and the Anima/Animus (kinda yourself genderbent but is also traits of yourself that completes you)

Anyway, definition of The Trickster in accordance to Jung and dreams
"The Trickster is a wild and amoral force wreaking havoc in an otherwise orderly society, They combine the bestial and divine. With malicious cunning and sly pranks, the Trickster plays the self mocking buffoon who apes the arrogance of authority and the pretensions of the dreamers’ ego. They may appear in dreams, as he does in mythologies around the world, as a monkey, a hare, a fox, or other mischievous and playful image.”

TL;DR version, Bill is a Trickster! In both a dream and literary sense, although a little more malevolent.

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